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Ores Edit


Ore Prefixes Edit

Magnesia. Magnesium ore.

Ferrum. Iron ore.

Alumen. Aluminum ore.

Ore Suffixes Edit

Nitre. Nitrogen-bearing ore.

Oxide. Oxygen-bearing ore.

Phosphate. Phoshphorus-bearing ore.Sulfide. Sulphur-bearing ore.

Xenite. Xenon-bearing ore.

Icon Name Tier Group


Nitre 1 Nitrogen-bearing
Ferrum Nitre 2 Nitrogen-bearing
Alumen Nitre 3 Nitrogen-bearing
Magnesia Oxide 1 Oxygen-bearing
Ferrum Oxide 2 Oxygen-bearing
3 Oxygen-bearing
Coal 1 Carbon
Oil 2 Carbon
Natural Gas 3 Carbon
Magnesia Carbonate 1 Carbon-bearing
Ferrum Carbonate 2 Carbon-bearing
Alumen Carbonate 3 Carbon-bearing
Magnesia Phosphate 1 Phoshphorus-bearing
Ferrum Phosphate 2 Phoshphorus-bearing
Alumen Phosphate 3 Phoshphorus-bearing
Magnesia Sulphide 1 Sulphur-bearing
Ferrum Sulphate 2 Sulphur-bearing
Alumen Sulphide 3 Sulphur-bearing
Icon Name Group


Water Ice
Water Vapor
Dry Ice
Carbon Dioxide


Icon Name Tier Group


Hydrogen Gas * Basic
Water Ice C
Water *
Heavy Water *
Used as a source of energy.
Used as a source of energy.
Used as a source of energy.
Silicon U Nonmetal Used in electronics to create circuit boards as well as to create glass for crafting and construction. Its ores are found primarily in sandy desert regions.
Lead R Nonmetal
greeb Nitrogen C Fertilizer
yellow Sulphur U Fertilizer
orange Phoshphorus U Fertilizer
Magnesium 1 Metal Basic crafting and construction material.
Iron 2 Metal Intermediate crafting and construction material.
Titanium 3 Metal Advanced crafting and construction material.

Conductive MaterialsEdit

Icon Name Rarity Description
Silicon B
Copper C Used in basic electronics and energy weapon crafting, as well as in constructing batteries and power plants.
Gold U Used in intermediate electronics and energy weapon crafting, as well as in constructing batteries and power plants.
Platinum R Used in advanced electronics and energy weapon crafting, as well as in constructing batteries and power plants.

Intermediate ProductEdit


Recipe For Ingredient In
Integrated Chip Int-Chip Silicon + Copper + Power
Bulkhead Bulkhead Magnesium + Power
Integrated Exploration Chip X-Chip

Habitat Wing, Dormitory Module, Recreation Module, Comissary Module, Exercise Module, Command Wing, Armorey Module, Bridge Module

Integrated Engineering Chip E-Chip Silicon + Copper + Power

Engineering Wing, Fabrication Plant, Workshop (Module)

,, Nuclear Pile (Module), Power Wing, Solar Array (Module), Turbine Array (Module), Fuel Plant (Module)

Integrated Science Chip S-Chip Silicon + Copper + Power

Hydroponics Wing, Hydroponics Module,

Atmospherics Wing, Atmospheric Miner, Atmospheric Regulator, Atmospheric Storage, Atmospheric Control Module,

Laboratory, Precursor Laboratory




Modules. These are the bread and butter of your base and provide most of your base's functionality.

Name Type Description Recipe
Habitat Wing Wing Provides housing for a single character until you build a Dormitory Module. Characters will go here to sleep, eat, play, and exercise, until superior facilities are built.

Int-Chip ×1, Bulkhead ×4, Door ×1

Habitat Hallway Hallway Habitat Hallway decorations change with the seasons. Bulkhead ×2, Door ×1
Dormitory Module Module Provides housing for up to four characters. Characters will go here during their sleeping time.

Int-Chip ×1, Bulkhead ×4, Door ×1

Comissary Module Module Characters will go here during their eating time.

Int-Chip ×1, Bulkhead ×4, Door ×1

Recreation Module Module Characters will go here during their recreation time.

Int-Chip ×1, Bulkhead ×4, Door ×1

Exercise Module Module Characters will go here during their exercise time.

Int-Chip ×1, Bulkhead ×4, Door ×1

Atmospherics Wing Wing
Air Miner Module
Air Regulator Module
Science Wing Wing Provides a single scientist slot until you build a Research Lab. Sci-Chip ×1, Bulkhead ×4, Door ×1
Science Hallway Hallway Bulkhead ×2, Door ×1
Research Lab Module Sci-Chip ×1, Bulkhead ×4, Door ×1
Computer Core Module Sci-Chip ×1, Bulkhead ×4, Door ×1
AI Core Unique Module Sci-Chip ×1, Bulkhead ×4, Door ×1
Module Sci-Chip ×1, Bulkhead ×4, Door ×1
Storage Module Module ?Wing

Int-Chip ×1, Bulkhead ×4, Door ×1

Radioactive MaterialsEdit


Unlike in our world, Lead and Radon Gas are always the byproduct of Radioactive Materials decaying. So, you can obtain both of these substances by running a Nuclear Pile Module as well as when mining the ores of Radium, Plutonium, and Uranium, which are always either an Emnarite (radon-breaing ore) or Plumbite (lead-bearing ore) ore.

0 Lead Used in radiation shielding. The end results of the radioactive elements decomposing, so you recieve some when mining radioactive elements. Veins of ore lead are also occasionally found underground.
Xenon gas
2 Radon Gas See the Radon Gas entry under Noble Gases.
1 Radium
2 Plutonium
3 Uranium

Atmospheric GasesEdit


Atmospheric gases are all tier 0 items, as they make up the basic elements of the geo-, hydro-, bio-, and atmosphere.

An Atmospheric Mining Module can be configured to mine any of these items, provided the absolute or percentage concentration of that item in the atmosphere exceeds the desired amount. Conversely, an Atmospheric Regulator can be configured to release gases if they fall below a certain absolute or percentage threshold in the atmosphere.

Nitrogen Gas Nitrogen Gas, unlike Nitrogen Fertilizer, is an unreactive gas. Its main purpose is as an atmospheric "filler" gas, so that pressure is maintained while avoiding too oxygen-rich an atmosphere.
Oxygen Gas Oxygen gas is produced by Plants and consumed by Animals.
Dust Bits of sand kicked into the atmosphere, dust comes and goes. An excess of dust insulates the planet form the warming rays of the sun and can result in dangerous dust storms.
Water Vapor Water Vapor is an effective greenhouse gas. It also plays a role in cloud formation and percipitation.
Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide is produced by Animals and consumed by plants. In addition, it is a greenhouse gas; that is to say, the more CO2 in the atmosphere, the more heat is trapped on the planet. At high levels of CO2 in very cold regions, CO2 may fall back to the planet in the form of Dry Ice.
Methane Methane is a powerful hydrocarbon created by living organisms. It is a vastly more powerful greenhouse gas than Carbon Dioxide, but it is much harder to produce in large amounts. If harvested, it can power the appropriately named Methane generator.

The Carbon SeriesEdit

Coal C Source of energy that can be mined from coal seams. Each unit of Coal provides 1 MegaWatt of power.
Petroleum U Source of energy that can be pumped out of the ground and transported with pipes. Each unit of Oil provides 2 MegaWatts of power.
Methane U Source of energy that can be extracted from underground sources and transported with pipes. Each unit of Methane provides 2 MegaWatts of power.
Dry Ice C The solid form of Carbon Dioxide. Can be melted to release Carbon Dioxide, a Greenhouse Gas, into the atmosphere.
Carbon Dioxide U An important Greenhouse Gas that can be used to heat the planet up. A by-product of using Coal, Petroleum, and Methane for power. Can be released into the atmosphere in large quantities by melting Dry Ice.

The Noble GasesEdit

There are three noble gases which are used almost exclusively for conducting research. Typically, a research project will cost a large amount of the noble gas corresponding to the tier of the technology, as well as a large amount of resources related specifically to the item

Krypton gas
Krypton Gas 1 Used in basic research. An occassional by-product of mining nitres and oxides. Can also be found commonly in cargo pods.
Xenon gas
Radon Gas 2 Used in intermediate research. Can also be found uncommonly in cargo pods.
Radon gas
Xenon Gas 3 Used in advanced research. Can also be found rarely in cargo pods.



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